Why sphere?

Is it possible to rent a Polidome structure ?

Sure! Polidomes structures are a great place for parties, exhibitions, concerts and fairs. Our experienced team will help you to choose the most suitable dome size. Call us or email and ask for updated information about the availability and pricing.
What are the branding options ?

Polidomes International offers high-quality UV printing , up to 100 % of the geodesic dome tents pvc cover. We offer the 3d  visualization of our event tent  with the branding, for the specific customer needs and a specific image of the company (logos etc).
Is it possible to connect two or more domes together?

Of Course! We are able to combine two or more domes together through tunnels of any length. Create your own Polidomes city of domes !
What are Polidomes tents made of ?

Structures are made of steel, then hot-dip galvanized. Frame can be also powder painted to any RAL colour. The tent canvas is  PVC membrane. We offer a wide range of materials.
Can I order an event tent adapted to my specific needs ?

We are able to create a tent tailored to the needs of each client. Create structures together with the client , taking into account the wishes and preferences.
Can Polidomes structures be heated / air-conditioned ?

Yes sure! Can equip structures , with all the necessary accessories needed for the proper conduct of the event or event. We offer the purchase or rental of heaters or air conditioners as well as lighting , sound , etc . For selected technical solutions were effective and optimal , you should consider several important factors:
– What is the climate in which the event will take place?
– What will be the tent exposure to the sun during the event?
– What is the maximum number of people that will be inside the dome at one time?
– Is access to electricity and / or water ? Will they need generators etc.
How long does it take to prepare and provide a dome tent ?

Polidomes standard structure is ready within 1-2 weeks after payment of 50 % deposit. All custom domes require 3-4 weeks.
What shipping modes are available?

Shipping costs can be very different, depending on the size of the order, destination and type of the transport. We use all available methods such as : shipping by plane, train, boat or truck.
We work with a global network of shippers, which specialize in complex transport and logistic options. We also offer “door to door” option upon customer request.
What is possible inside the Polidome dome structure ?

Everything  is possible. The space is open to creativity and its possibilities are only limited by your imagination !
Is it easy to destroy Polidomes geodesic tent ?

We use PVC materials that have a high tensile strength and tear. We are specialists in membranes and we offer a wide range of services related to the manufacture, repair, cleaning and replacement of various types of membranes.